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Avokiddo games

Explore our fun, educational games for kids. Designed for iPhone, iPad, iPod and android devices.

Avokiddo ABC Ride

Avokiddo ABC Ride is an inventive and original app that is sure to engage little kids in creative play, while helping them learn their ABC’s through playful exploration. In this enjoyable bike ride, kids use their imagination and logic to find the hidden letters and set them free to spell a word. 26 interactive scenes loaded with fun activities make for hours of repeat play. Learning the alphabet has never been more edutaining!

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Avokiddo Emotions

Give your children a serious case of the giggles when you introduce them to a zany zebra, shy sheep and jolly giraffe. Your children will discover these emotions and more by dressing up, feeding, sharing toys and interacting with their new-found digital friends using over 100 uniquely themed props in this endless play funhouse.

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Beck and Bo

Beck and Bo is a fun educational game for toddlers and preschoolers. Kids are invited to build beautiful, animated scenes by identifying characters, objects and animals and placing them in the environment; and while they do that, they listen to their names and sounds! Piece by piece they bring to life colorful, fascinating scenes, full of sounds, animations and fun interactive activities.

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A little insight about Avokiddo

Designed by parents for kids!

Our greatest partners, supporters and consultants are our own kids!

Our philosophy is that education should be more than teaching math and literacy. It should provide a challenging and stimulating environment where children obtain knowledge through active exploration and interaction. An environment where they can use their imagination to reveal their true inner self; a world infused with purity and creativity! Creating games for kids takes more than applying technical knowledge and practicing programming techniques. It takes serious personal involvement.

We design our games with love and affection, truly believing in these principles.

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We respect your privacy! We do not collect, store, or share any personal information or location data. Neither our free or paid apps have advertisements, in-app purchases, or hidden tracking software. Read more>

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