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Open up a world of possibilities and unleash your child’s inner genius with Thinkrolls, the award-winning learning app for kids aged 2-8! With over 2000 interactive games and activities, Thinkrolls offers the perfect blend of fun and education, like never seen before. Through the power of play, your child will develop their reasoning skills, express their creativity, cultivate a passion for math and science, and develop their natural curiosity. Thinkrolls is more than an educational app, it’s a toolbox for life!

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Spark a love of STEMmathsciencelearning

Prepare your kids for the world of tomorrow! 

Our mission is to empower kids to learn through play and fall in love with coding, math and logic! With 2000+ educational games and activities, and exciting new content added every month, you’ve got a toolbox for life at your child’s fingertips.

2000 + Fun Educational Activities

+ New releases every month!

Give your child a head start in logical thinking and problem solving with Thinkrolls—the most advanced logic puzzle platform in the multi-award-winning Thinkrolls series.

Family Sharing

One subscription. Share with everyone in your family

Code your own puzzles

Sneak coding logic into your child’s playtime!

Watch your kids bring their ideas to life as they design and code their own puzzle games with simple drag and drop! No reading or coding skills required!

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New: Kings & Queens

Thinkrolls now includes the game Kings & Queens!

We’ve expanded the Kings & Queens world with additional puzzles for even more fun. Plus, meet our adorable new dragon friend and six epic new Thinkrolls characters.

Develop early math skillscounting skillsshape recognitionaddition skillssubtraction skills

Build the foundations for mathematical thinking and spark a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. Your child will develop numeracy skills, discover shapes, and build confidence in math, all while having fun!

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Share with the communityother Thinkrollersfriends & family 10M fans

Boost social learning & creativity

The Community Puzzles section is a collection of the best shared puzzles from families around the world. Solve puzzles that other players have created and also share your own for everyone else to play! Each month the best shared puzzles are featured in this section. All content is safe and moderated by Avokiddo.

Play Fun Brain Games

Adaptive learning path

Boost your child’s brain power and thinking skills with edutaining Brain Games that adapt their difficulty to your child’s skill level! Thinkrolls will teach your kids how to think, not what to think; while promoting curiosity & exploration.

Create your own characters

Encourage self expression and diversity

Customize your Thinkrolls with hundreds of accessories won during the game. With millions of combinations, your child will unleash their creativity and build a library of ready-to-play characters.

Always Fresh

A growing collection of games

Thinkrolls is growing every month with new content & games, extra features, special events, and amazing puzzles created and shared by kids from all over the world.

Loved by experts

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Safe & Easy

No personal data or location sharing, no tracking

Quality screen-time without ads or in-game purchases. Enjoy a kid-friendly interface so intuitive, kids can play on their own, without the help of an adult. All content is available offline.

No 3rd-party ads
We respect your privacy
Play without WiFi
No location tracking
Parents protected area
Ideal for ages 3-8+
Unique artwork & music
Created by expert scientists

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