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Thinkrolls got App of The Day in 170 countries on the AppStore. Thank you ❤️ Apple! Our award-winning app has also been featured by Apple in the following categories:


  • Great Apps Released This Year

  • Must-have Apps For iPad

  • The Essentials

  • New Apps We Love

  • Big apps from small teams

Give your child a head start in logical thinking and problem solving! Our award-winning app is the most advanced logic puzzle platform for kids ages 2-8! You’ll be amazed by how quickly your kids will learn to solve complex problems, think multiple steps ahead and seamlessly apply these skills to real life scenarios. Start your 7 day FREE trial and unleash your child’s inner genius with Thinkrolls! New exciting content is added every month! Play offline, anywhere, anytime! There are no ads and no in-game purchases. Your kids will thank you and you’ll feel so proud of them!

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