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ABC Ride

Avokiddo ABC Ride is an original app that is sure to engage little kids in creative play, while helping them learn their ABC’s through playful exploration. In this enjoyable bike ride, kids use their imagination and logic to find the hidden letters and set them free to spell a word.

ABC. Creative. Fun

Have you ever seen the letter E hatched from an egg? How about a K popping out of a kangaroo’s pouch? Join your favorite characters Beck and Bo in this wonderful A – Z alliteration adventure and experience the alphabet like never before! The inventive letter/word association that is established through active exploration and amusing interactions is directly related to each letter. The G is wrapped in a gift, the H is hidden under a hat, the S swims with the seal, the J is jammed up in the jelly, W is pulled out of a well. The free ride style in a seamless environment provides a unified visual/auditory experience that builds excitement and anticipation as to what comes next.

Key features

  • 26 engaging and interactive scenes each associated with a word and a letter of the alphabet.

  • Bike through the alphabet seamlessly from letter to letter, or opt out and choose your own path.

  • Play and problem solve in each scene to reveal the hidden letter.

  • Drag letters in place to spell the words while listening to their names or sounds.

  • Original narration with inventive alliteration.

  • Have fun with the quirky animals and hilarious encounters.

  • Collect stars while riding from one scene to the next.

  • Beautiful HD graphics inviting kids to explore and discover.

  • Multi-touch support.

  • No In-App Purchases – No banner ads.

Have fun with the engaging activities:

Bop balloons and expose the letter B, feed cavernous Clyde candy and uncover the C, change Dottie’s dirty diaper and disclose the D, jump and jiggle on the jelly to reveal the J, make the magnet meet the M, recreate the red robot to release the R, zap the zany zebra to set the Z free, and many more!


Educational benefits:

  • Teaches letter recognition, name and basic phonetics.

  • Associate letters with specific objects and animals through memorable alliterated concepts.

  • Practice forming words and reinforce spelling.

  • Provides loads of creative thinking and problem solving opportunities.

  • Inspire curiosity as youngsters explore cause and effect.

  • Exercise memory and spatial relations.

  • Build vocabulary as new objects are introduced.

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Ideal for ages 3-7
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