Do your apps have third-party advertisements? What data do you collect?

No third-party ads. None! And we do not collect or share any data. You’re totally safe with us. We have chosen to go with the premium (paid) model because we don’t want to monetize through advertisements, annoying pop-up videos, promotional banners and collection/reselling of your personal data. At Avokiddo we take your privacy very seriously. Our apps are designed especially for children, with special attention to online privacy. We are proud to follow the best practices for kids’ apps as specified by the “Know what’s inside” program.
All our apps:
– Are 100% COPPA compliant
– Do not collect (or share) personal information from children
– Do not collect location data
– Do not have third party advertisements
– Contain a child-locked parental gate
All external links such as our website, social media and support e-mail are secured behind a parental gate. Our apps may contain information or links to other apps by Avokiddo and in this case links are also protected behind a parental gate.