What is a sharable Avokiddo Account and how do I set it up?

An Avokiddo account enables you to easily share one subscription across multiple iOS devices. This means your entire family can enjoy Thinkrolls via one single subscription plan. You can also later create different user profiles inside the app for up to 6 family members. 
Is it free? Yes!
When you sign-up with a subscription plan you are required to use your Apple ID on your device. If you later need to transfer this subscription over to your kids devices* there is an easy way to do this:
Setup an Avokiddo account and easily sign-in to multiple devices at once. Your subscription will automatically transfer over to your new device(s). Here’s how:
  1. Download Thinkrolls (Games for kids 2-8) on the App Store
  2. Tap on the Parents icon located at the top left corner
  3. Tap on the Subscription tab
  4. Tap on ‘Create account’
Then on your kids devices, follow steps 1,2,3 and then sign-in with your Avokiddo account. You’re all set up and ready to play Thinkrolls!

* Please note that you are only able to share subscriptions between iOS devices.