Exercise, eat healthy, and get fit! Inspire healthy habits and lifestyles in kids.

Exercise, eat healthy, and get fit!

Can a dog be an expert hurdler? Should you make smoothies from fruit or pizza? Find out in this fun fitness game for kids that’s like no other. Our app aims to encourage kids to have fun while learning about healthy eating and lifestyles. We hope Fitoons will inspire kids to develop good habits, eat a variety of foods, and add exercise to their daily routine.

Key features


  • Choose from 6 hilarious characters – humans and animals

  • Dress them up with the coolest gym outfits

  • Change the skin color of human-like characters


  • Train your athletes in 20 different sports and workouts

  • Interact with your characters in real-time and help them perform the movements

  • Master timing, rhythm and breathing

  • Watch your characters’ bodies change during workouts

  • Win stars to unlock more characters and more foods

  • Learn about discipline, perseverance and endurance


  • Feed characters and watch their hilarious reactions

  • Over 45 different foods to choose from

  • 6 kitchen appliances to cook your food any way you like (boil, fry, bake, chop, blend)

  • Discover how different foods affect your character’s body

  • Learn to balance food intake and exercise

  • Encourage children to eat a variety of foods

  • Free-play game style – explore as you wish

  • Vegan mode available


  • Original concept and artwork

  • Original music and sound design

  • For ages 4 and up

  • Safe to play, COPPA & GDPR Compliant

  • No third-party advertising, no in-app purchases

  • No internet connection required

Loved by experts

What experts say about Fitoons

Your kids are safe

No personal data or location sharing, no tracking

No 3rd-party ads
We respect your privacy
COPPA & GDPR compliant
Play without WiFi
No location tracking
Parents protected area
Ideal for ages 3-10
Unique artwork & music
Created by expert scientists

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