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Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills while having tons of fun!

Avokiddo is an independent creative studio, producing quality educational apps for children. Our mission as ethical game developers but also as parents, is to help kids flourish, unfold their talents and create a better world around us.


Thinkrolls is a series of logic puzzle games, designed to help kids develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. They are also great for improving spatial cognition, memory, and executive function. There are 5 apps in the series and they are by far our most loved and popular apps. They have been prominently featured on the App Store and Google Play Store and have won several awards including the 2016 Google Play Award for “Best Families App”.

Creativity unfolds every time!

During the development of the app and while the “Code Your Own” feature was not yet announced, many families shared with us how their kids got inspired to build their own Thinkrolls puzzles in the most creative ways. We’ve received amazing photos of kids designing puzzles with lego pieces, painted wooden blocks, paper cutouts and sketches. That was exactly the kind of feedback we needed, reinforcing our belief that we were on the right track, offering something valuable that our fans wished for.


When we design the Thinkrolls puzzles we really focus on providing just the right amount of increasing difficulty. We want kids to have fun and be engaged, but at the same time we want to keep them on their toes. What is extraordinary is that while solving Thinkrolls puzzles kids always prove to be far more intelligent and resourceful than their parents expect. “Thank you for showing me what my son is capable of”, and “I am shocked at how clever my 5yr old is proving to be” are just two of the hundreds of messages we keep receiving from parents.


Being a small family business allows us to work from various locations and always be really close to our kids. All our apps have been developed hand-in-hand with our kids and it was a really fun process to be able to brainstorm, design and code along with them. They designed sketches at first and later learned how to synthesize puzzles directly on the iPad. Now with Thinkrolls all kids around the world can create and share their puzzles with the community!

So what is the new Community Puzzles section in Thinkrolls Play & Code? It’s a collection of the best shared puzzles from families around the world. Solve puzzles that other players have created and also share your own for everyone to play! How do I share my puzzles? Easy! Create your own puzzle in ‘Code your Own’ and just hit the ‘share’ button.

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