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New Math Game: Molly’s Ocean Party!


New Math Game: Molly’s Ocean Party!

Dive into an exciting math-filled journey that combines learning with fun! Pop the correct number bubbles to solve addition calculations and guide Molly through the vibrant reef. Gather her adorable babies along the way and watch her make a splash at the unforgettable underwater party!

Children will practice addition at their own pace, starting from small numbers and progressing up to 100!

Starts in July 20

What kids will learn:


Learning math at a young age, especially basic calculations like addition, is crucial for kids. It helps develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are valuable in everyday life. Math lays the foundation for future learning and boosts brain development. By understanding numbers and performing calculations, children gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment. These skills are practical, as they enable kids to manage money, measure quantities, and solve everyday problems. Learning math early sets children up for success in school and equips them with important skills for their future.

Also New: We are also happy to announce the “Springy Caterpillar” – A new Community collection, featuring the winner puzzles of May’s in-app event challenge.

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