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Thank you for playing our apps! We are Avokiddo, an award-winning team of parents and education experts, designing unique & fun to play apps for kids. We think that when you enjoy something, you become one with it; and it is in this creative state that learning takes place. Learning is not about memorizing, but reaching a state of awareness that keeps the mind fresh, alert, passionate and highly creative.

How to play

Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens

Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens is an epic adventure of logic, physics, and fun! Kids think their way through 228 brilliant puzzles that sharpen their memory and problem-solving skills. The goal is simple: Move, handle and combine objects to clear a path, obtain the key, and open the gate to the next level. Exciting challenges await you at every turn!

Choose the difficulty

Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens offers 115 easy puzzles & 113 harder puzzles.  Go to Settings and select the desired difficulty. Easy puzzles are ideal for younger kids (5+). Hard puzzles are much more challenging and are best for older kids (8+) and even adults. You can create profiles for up to six players, which is perfect if more than one kids share the same device. The difficulty can be set individually for each player profile.

The Castles

Each of the 6 castles offers a unique combination of puzzle elements that enhance logic, problem solving, memory and perseverance. Look for the key and the exit door – then use and combine objects to clear a path and open the gate to the next level. Puzzles are designed to be solved in order, so you’ll notice that puzzles are greyed out at start and become available as you progress. Progress is saved automatically so kids can pick up where they left off. Puzzles become increasingly harder, combining skills learned earlier in the game and requiring kids to think several moves ahead. Infinite do-overs allow kids to problem solve through creative trial & error until they get it right. There are no time limits and kids can reset the puzzles at will.

Shifting Castle (Gear & Rack)

Going up, down or sideways? Learn about simple gear mechanics by combining gears with racks to create ladders & conveyor belts; switch direction by pulling levers! Learning: simple machines, gear mechanics, direction, basic spatial relations.

Treasure Castle (Chest & Bridge)

Use gravity to move chests around and cap holes, create stacks or slide them over bridges. Afraid of heights? Not to worry, these bridges are safe to walk on, but throw anything on them from a height and they will collapse! There are times when you’ll need to break one apart, and others that you’ll have to carefully cross them. Learning: gravity, force, joints, compression and tension.

Crocodile Castle (Crocodile & Harp)

Use the harp to play music and lull the crocodile to sleep! Only then can you walk over the pond. But you’ll need to use all previous skills acquired in order to move the harp next to the croc! Kids need to orchestrate their moves, think ahead and master trial & error.  Learning: more advanced spatial relations, sound, cause & effect.

Spooky Castle (Ghost & Mirror)

Boo! Ok, castles have ghosts alright but how do you get rid of them? Place the mirrors correctly, reflect the light beam and say goodbye to those otherwise funny little fellas! Learning: light reflection, angles, direction.

Dungeon Castle (Hatch & Lever)

Switch the lever to open and close hatchways and trapdoors! Careful not to get trapped in a crypt; Pull that lever as many times as necessary to synchronize objects and clear the path to the finish. Learning: simple machines, mechanics, synchronization, timing.

Magic Castle (Flying Potion)

Yes, you can fly! And not just you, anything that soaks into the magic ingredients of the potion jar. But hey, you have to be careful when and where to break one of these, otherwise you may find yourself stuck in a dead-end crypt or end up too high to reach the exit. Learning: gravity & inverse gravity, advanced spatial cognition, patience.

Candy, Gems and the Dragon

While playing kids collect tasty candy and precious gems. At the end of each castle the red dragon awaits with amazing surprises! Feed the candy & gems to the dragon and you’ll be rewarded with crowns, tiaras, mustaches, costumes, and many more majestic accessories. For each gem you offer the dragon, a new accessory is added in your library. You can then use these accessories to create your own unique Thinkroll characters! Exit from the left gate to view and use your new accessories. The right gate will get you to the next castle.

Build your Thinkrolls library

The more you play, the more accessories you win. Make the craziest combinations and build your library of unique Thinkrolls to use throughout the game. Go to the “Characters Screen”; scroll left and right using the side scroll buttons to browse through your accessories collection. The “?” sign indicates an accessory yet to be won. Tap on the bottom white area to view your Thinkrolls library. To create a new character tap the + icon. You can delete characters by tapping on the bin icon. Don’t worry, accessories can’t be deleted from within this screen. Even if your kid accidentally deletes a character they can always rebuild it. (Accessories will be lost only you delete the player from the settings screen)

Bats & Spiders

The task is simple: clear the castle of spooky spiders and bats! At the end of each castle you will see if you missed any of these sneaky creatures!

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