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Thank you for playing our app! Avokiddo is an award-winning creative studio specializing in the development of quality educational apps for children. We think that when you enjoy something, you become one with it; and it’s in this creative state that true learning takes place. To learn is not merely to memorize, but it’s to reach a state of awareness that keeps the mind fresh, passionate, and highly creative. These are the values we consider when we develop apps for kids.

How to play

Thinkrolls Space is a child-friendly puzzle game that’s out of this world. Blasting the award-winning Thinkrolls series into outer space, the app introduces new space-themed elements, 7 bizarre planets, 24 quirky alien Thinkrolls, and 200+ original puzzles.

Create players & Choose the difficulty

Thinkrolls Space offers 110 easy puzzles and 108 hard puzzles. Easy levels are recommended for younger kids (5+). As hard levels are more challenging, they are suitable for older kids (8+) and even adults. By default, the game starts with the easy levels. You can switch the levels on the Settings screen. The app allows you to create up to six separate player profiles, which is useful if multiple users share the same device. The selected difficulty mode is player-specific and can be changed at any time. Progress, collected hearts and stars, as well as won characters are also player-specific.

Start the game / Goal

Pick a Thinkroll character, and tap on Planet 1 to start the game. Your Thinkroll will land on the planet with a UFO. Touch and drag the Thinkroll to move around. When you enter the puzzles, you’ll notice a closed gate, a key, and several other objects. The goal is simple: move and match objects to clear a path, obtain the key, and open the gate to the next level.

The Planets

Navigate through seven unique-themed planets, each focusing on a different set of skills and puzzle elements. Throughout, you’re encouraged to experiment. You’ll learn through trial and error to combine elements, as well as how to build on successive lessons to strengthen creative thinking, logic, problem solving, spatial cognition, and memory.

Look for the key and exit gate. Try to visualize your route. Use and combine objects to clear a path, get the key, and move to the exit. Trapped? No problem. Just tap the reset button at the top right of the screen and try again. The app offers unlimited, penalty-free retries, and no time limits—play at your own pace!

As the puzzles are designed to be solved in order, you’ll notice that levels are greyed out at the beginning and become available as you go along. Progress is saved automatically so you can pick up where you’ve left off. Puzzles become increasingly harder, combining skills learned earlier in the game, thus requiring you to think several moves ahead.

The Elements

In Thinkrolls Space, you’ll meet goo monsters, bleeping robots, spring-like soprano aliens, and cheese monsters who love munching moon cheese. You’ll face vanishing rainbow bridges, plasma fields, teleporters, and more. Each of these can help or hinder. You must figure out which—and how to move and match objects to proceed to the next puzzle.

Cheese Monster & Cheese

Help the quirky monster eat the moon cheese to clear the way. But think twice before devouring all the cheese blocks because some may serve as steps to help you reach the exit! Key concepts: gravity, navigating a maze, continuity, planning, and reasoning


Use gravity (or antigravity) to move the bleeping robots through the maze. Cap holes, create stacks to use as steps, or figure out how to get them out of the way. Key concepts: gravity, force, stacking, inventiveness

Soprano Elevator Monster

Elevate to a higher level! Move your character and objects up and down with this stretchy singing monster. You can even use it to move other singing monsters around the puzzle arena. Key concepts: simple machines, mechanics, springs, elasticity, hand–eye coordination, fine-motor skills

Goo Monster & Cake

These slimy aliens guard every goo passage; you must feed them some yummy cakes to satisfy their appetite. But what if there are two monsters and there’s only one cake? Then, you’ll need to carefully visualize your course, think ahead, and feed the monster that will bring you closer to the gate! Key concepts: advanced spatial relations, cause & effect, trial & error, sequencing

Vanishing Rainbow Bridges

Carefully contemplate your course before crossing over these colorful blocks! Once you walk over them, poof…they vanish! Very tricky and mind blowing! Key concepts: contemplation, synchronization, timing, advanced spatial cognition, trial & error

Antigravity Zone

Who doesn’t love to fly? Use the lever to switch gravity on and off over specific regions. All movable objects are affected by the antigravity zones. Key concepts: gravity & antigravity, advanced spatial cognition, synchronization, timing

Plasma Field

This lava-lamp-like plasma should be turned off before moving through it. Use the lever to do so, but plan your course carefully because turning off a plasma field may simultaneously turn on another or even affect gravity. A plasma field can also be your friend as you may use it to get rid of an obstructing element. Key concepts: synchronization, timing, multiple stimuli, advanced spatial cognition

2-Way Teleporting

Teleport your character and objects between different parts of a level, as many times as needed.  Key concepts: wormhole theory, advanced spatial cognition, synchronization, timing, sequencing

Hearts & Stars

While moving from one puzzle to the next, you collect bubbles containing stars and hearts. You can see the total stars and hearts collected at the bottom right of the screen. They’re used to unlock new alien Thinkrolls on the Character Selection screen.

Alien Thinkrolls

You can play with 24 unique alien Thinkrolls. By default, the first three are unlocked. To unlock the rest, you need to play and complete levels to win stars and hearts. Use the scroll buttons < > to browse through all the available characters or simply drag the screen left and right.


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