Thinkrolls Kings & Queens

An epic adventure of logic, physics, and fun!

Logic, puzzles, physics, fun.

Castles, dragons, simple machines & enchanting spells!

Kids think their way through 228 brilliant puzzles that sharpen their memory and problem-solving skills. This game has it all; castles, dragons, simple machines, physics, enchanting spells, and a touch of magic! The goal is simple: Move, handle and combine objects to clear a path, obtain the key, and open the gate to the next level.

Key features


• 115 “easy” puzzles for ages 5-8
• 113 “hard” puzzles for ages 8+
• 12 epic castles packed with smart brain challenges
• Super fun physics: simple machines, forces, tension, light reflection & more
• Collect candies and gems to feed the dragon
• Win awesome accessories to customize your own Thinkrolls
• Build your own ready-to-play Thinkrolls library
• Clear the castle of spooky spiders & bats
• Supports 6 player profiles
• No time limits, no stress. Play at your own pace
• Delightful artwork, music & sound design


Educational benefits:

• STEM skills
• Hands-on physics
• Logic & problem solving
• Cause and effect reasoning
• Memory & concentration
• Strategizing & planning ahead
• Spatial cognition
• Sequencing
• Patience & perseverance

228 logic puzzles

Explore 12 magic castles! Each castle offers a unique combination of puzzle elements that enhance logic, problem solving, memory and perseverance. Fun for the whole family! Choose the easy puzzles for ages 5–8 & proceed to the harder puzzles for ages 8+. No time limits, no stress. Play at your own pace. Super fun physics: simple machines, forces, tension, light reflection & more. 


Master problem-solving

Move and match objects to clear a path, get the key, and open a gate to the next level. You will learn through trial and error to combine elements, and build on successive lessons to strengthen creative thinking, logic, problem solving, spatial cognition, and memory.

2 difficulty modes

Two difficulty modes and unlimited penalty-free retries ensure the 200+ level journey is stress-free for children and adults alike (115 easy puzzles for ages 5+, 113 hard puzzles for ages 8+).  


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