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We ARGH Pirates

Set sail for the most arrrrsome, funny, pirate adventure you’ve ever played!

A treasure hunt

Avast ye, me hearties! Set sail with Captain Rose and his motley crew for a thrilling adventure on the high seas. Solve piratey puzzles, battle mythical sea monsters, and dig, dig, dig for buried treasure. Arrrgh! Ye landlubbers will need to become brave pirates on the Island of Gems, which be full o’ mystery and peril. There be erupting volcanoes, islanders to outwit, and giant monsters patrolling the seas. Shiver me timbers!

Yer brains will be needed to solve puzzles, find buried treasure chests, and help ye through a maze o’ caves. And yer thumbs will be tested blowing up rocks w’ yer cannon, flying over a broken rope bridge, and lobbing barrels and buckets to repel monsters. So get yer sea legs on. It’s time to join salty sea dog Captain Rose, Claire ‘Long Hair’, digging expert Ruprecht ‘The Shovel’, and Zany Granny for the most arrrrsome, funny, pirate adventure you’ve ever played.

Key features

• Interactive cinematic experience across eight unique scenes

• Follow the map to uncover the secrets

• Engaging, exciting, funny mix of puzzles and arcade action

• Four quirky pirates with hilarious personalities. ARRRGH!

• Original hand-drawn art, cinematic music, and sound effects

• Designed for ages 6 and up

• Language-neutral gameplay

• Safe for kids: no 3rd party ads, no in-app purchases; COPPA compliant

Loved by experts

What experts say about We ARGH Pirates

Your kids are safe

No personal data or location sharing, no tracking

No 3rd-party ads
We respect your privacy
COPPA & GDPR compliant
Play without WiFi
No location tracking
Parents protected area
Ideal for ages 6-12
Unique artwork & music
Created by expert scientists

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