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Thinkrolls: School Edition

Let’s build a better world through education! 

Empower your students to become innovators and critical thinkers with Thinkrolls: School Edition. The school version offers the same content as Thinkrolls, but without in-app purchases. It’s ideal for schools or individuals that cannot or do not wish to make in-app purchases.

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Available on iOS via Apple School Manager

Thinkrolls: School Edition is available on iOS via Apple School Manager. A 50% discount applies automatically on bulk purchases of 20 or more licenses. For more than 50 licenses you can apply for an additional discount using the form below. For any inquiries contact us at

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    Loved by educators

    Your students are safe

    No data collection or location sharing, no tracking

    Thinkrolls: School Edition is COPPA & GDPR compliant. To ensure the absolute privacy and safety of kids, the app does not collect any data and does not include any external links. The school version does not allow puzzles to be shared with the Thinkrolls community. Read our privacy policy here.

    No 3rd-party ads
    We respect your privacy
    COPPA & GDPR compliant
    Play without WiFi
    No location tracking
    Teacher protected area
    Ideal for ages 3-8+
    Unique artwork & music
    Created by expert scientists