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April Special Event: Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt!

April Special Event

Easter is just around the corner, and we’re celebrating with lots of brand new content in Thinkrolls Play & Code.


Are you ready for our new Easter-themed special event? Find and collect 80 Easter Eggs hidden inside the Arcade Puzzles. You’ll win 500 bonus stars as a reward!


Wait…there is more! Collect baby critters in the Arcade Puzzles to win 4 new accessories and unlock a brand new Thinkroll – The Easter Bunny! 🐰 Oh my cuteness!


And of course be sure to check out the updated Community section. There are 60 new brilliant puzzles to challenge your logical thinking. Once again, our little coders have amazed us with their creativity and inventiveness.

Unleash your child’s inner genius with Thinkrolls Play & Code, the #1 logic and problem solving app for kids ages 3-8! Start your 7 day FREE trial today. Our award-winning learning app includes 1000+ logic puzzles, fun brain games and a unique pre-coding platform where kids can create, play and share their own logic puzzles.

Check out some of this month’s handpicked Community Puzzles below – all designed by kids! 🙂

All new in this update:

• New Special Event: “Easter Egg Hunt”. Find and collect 80 Easter Eggs hidden inside the Arcade Puzzles and win 500 bonus stars! (April 4 – April 30)

• New Thinkroll character to unlock: Easter Bunny.

• 4 new accessories to customise your Thinkrolls. Collect baby critters in the Arcade Puzzles to win the new body parts and build the Easter Bunny.

• 60 new community puzzles created and shared by kids from around the world.

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