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Practice math and memory with our new math game: Forest Friends Hide & Seek

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New Math Game: Forest Friends Hide & Seek

Introducing Forest Friends Hide & Seek: A fun and engaging way for kids to learn numeracy skills and practice memory.


What kids will learn:


As parents and educators, we know the importance of early childhood education and the role it plays in shaping a child’s future success. One of the key areas that is crucial for children to master is numeracy – the ability to understand and use numbers in everyday life.


But let’s face it, traditional math learning can often be boring and unengaging for children, making it difficult for them to retain the information and develop a love for the subject. That’s where Forest Friends Hide & Seek comes in.


This new math game is designed to make learning numbers fun and interactive for children. It features adorable forest animals that hide amongst the trees, each holding a numbered flag. Children are challenged to observe and remember where each animal and its number is located. This not only helps with numeracy skills, but also improves memory and concentration.


The game adapts its difficulty level according to the child’s skills, ensuring that the child is always challenged, but not overwhelmed. With adaptive learning, children can progress at their own pace, allowing them to fully understand and retain the concepts they are learning.


Give your child the gift of numeracy skills today with Forest Friends Hide & Seek.

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