Thinkrolls Update

Springy Caterpillar!

New Code Your Own Challenge: Springy Caterpillar!

Our latest update brings new and exciting content as well as a brand new special event that is sure to delight our little coders!

• Two new Arcade chapters with 12 brilliant puzzles for kids to solve. Learn how to think and practice logic, memory and attention all while having fun.

• Special Event: Springy Caterpillar! Code and share puzzles with caterpillars and you may get featured in a special community collection!

• Play 92 new Community puzzles created and shared by kids from around the world. We are so proud of you all!

• We’ve made improvements to make the Arcade puzzles easier to follow, especially for younger kids.

Additional improvements:

• More opportunities to create: We’ve added 30 additional slots to the “Code Your Own” section. Let your child’s imagination run wild and expand their personal puzzle library with even more masterpieces!

• Quick and easy navigation: You can now seamlessly move from the Trophies scene to the active trophy game section, without having to navigate through multiple menus.

• Forest Friends Hide & Seek: We’ve made this fan-favorite game even more accessible! We’ve made changes to make the game easier to follow, especially for younger kids.

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Thinkrolls Update

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