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Summer Coding with the Pirates!

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New Special Event: Summer Coding with the Pirates! 

Dive into a world of coding and excitement as you solve fun pirate puzzles! Pop bubbles to discover sunglasses, beach balls, ice cream cones, and sandcastles. Once you collect 100 bubbles, you’ll earn a fantastic bonus of 500 stars!

Parents, watch as your kids set sail on an exciting pirate adventure, exploring early coding concepts! They will learn about algorithms, patterns, abstraction and sequencing as they help the pirates find the treasure. It’s ideal for ages 3-8. No reading or coding skills required.

The event starts on June 22.


Also: Enjoy 80 new Community puzzles crafted by kids from all over the globe! Can you solve them all? A huge shoutout to all the creative minds out there! Your amazing creations continue to dazzle and inspire us. Thank you! 🙂

What kids will learn:


Did you know that coding can be both fun and beneficial for your little ones, starting as early as 3 years old? With the help of Thinkrolls, your child can embark on exciting coding adventures that promote learning and development:


1. Supercharged Brain Power:

Thinkrolls engages your child’s mind, enhancing logical thinking, problem-solving, and critical reasoning skills. By navigating through puzzles and challenges, they learn to think step-by-step and develop strategies—an incredible boost for their growing brains.


2. Unleashing Creative Geniuses:

With Thinkrolls, your child becomes a coding artist, creating their own games and stories. They get to imagine, design, and bring their ideas to life, sparking their imagination and fostering a love for creativity.


3. Building Super Skills:

Thinkrolls teaches essential life skills like perseverance and resilience. Through trial and error, children learn to embrace mistakes, try again, and overcome challenges—a valuable foundation for future success in all aspects of life.


4. Fueling Future Success:

Thinkrolls nurtures computational thinking, equipping kids with the ability to break down complex tasks, recognize patterns, and solve problems systematically. These skills prepare them for a tech-driven future, unlocking endless opportunities.


5. Collaborative Coding Fun:

Thinkrolls encourages teamwork and communication. Kids can play with friends or siblings, learning to collaborate, share ideas, and work together to conquer exciting levels. It’s coding excitement that strengthens their social skills too!



Thinkrolls opens the door to a world of fun and learning for your child. With Thinkrolls, kids develop critical thinking, unleash their creativity, and build skills that will set them up for success. So, let’s dive into the Thinkrolls universe and watch your little one thrive as a coding superstar from an early age!

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