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New Brain Game—Sort A Lot

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Enjoy the new Sorting Brain Game with this update!

Great news for Thinkrolls Play & Code: 77 new Community Puzzles are available this month, along with the brand new Brain Game — ‘Sort A Lot’. Enjoy this amusing sorting game and sharpen your observation skills and reflexes! Also test your problem solving skills by playing 24 new Arcade Puzzles. Download the update below.

So what is the new Community Puzzles section? It’s a collection of the best shared puzzles from families around the world. Solve puzzles that other players have created and also share your own for everyone to play! To share your own puzzle go to ‘Code your Own’ and just hit the share button.

Check out some handpicked Community Puzzles below – all designed by kids! 🙂

All new in this update:

  • New Brain Game—’Sort A Lot’! Enjoy the most amusing sorting game and sharpen your observation skills and reflexes! 

    • 77 new Community Puzzles created and shared by kids from around the world! 

    • 4 new Arcade chapters including 24 new puzzles.

    • New object for ‘Code Your Own’—’Portal’.

    • New style for ‘Code Your Own’—“Snow”.

    • 2 new original music themes for the Arcade Puzzles.

    • Each month we pick the best shared puzzles and include them in the ‘Community Puzzles’ section for everyone to play!

    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Thinkrolls Play & Code Update

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