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March Special Event: Become A Logic Lab Ninja!

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Become A Logic Lab Ninja!

March Special Event

Are you ready for an exciting new challenge? This month we have a great surprise for you! ⭐ There’s a special event taking place: Become a ‘Logic Lab Ninja’ 🥷! Sharpen your problem-solving skills by solving 50 Logic Lab puzzles! You’ll win 700 bonus stars as a reward!

Start your 7 day FREE trial and unleash your child’s inner genius with Thinkrolls Play & Code, the #1 logic and problem solving app for kids ages 3-8! Our award-winning learning app includes 1000+ logic puzzles, fun brain games and a unique pre-coding platform where kids can create, play and share their own logic puzzles.

Check out some of this month’s handpicked Community Puzzles below – all designed by kids! 🙂

All new in this update:

• New Special Event: ‘Become a Logic Lab Ninja’.

• 10 new Logic Lab puzzles. Can you solve them?

• 81 new community puzzles created and shared by kids from around the world!

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